Welcome from Carolyn James Pytel, The Better Than Therapy Coach!

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

No matter what your going through in your life, you are not alone! I am passionate about helping other women as they travel through motherhood because I know from personal experience that as wonderful as being a mom is, it can also be mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausting! I’m not an expert, but after having had 5 kids, I’ve learned a lot – most of it the hard way.

It’s a fact that most moms put themselves last, making sure that everyone else’s needs are met, except their own. We are taught to be selfless and sacrificing, but by being so, we “loose ourselves”, making us less effective in helping the ones we care about most, our children. Take me for example, even though I was a teacher at heart, I was falling short when it came to empowering my own kids because I wasn’t empowered myself. Then, after a series of Ah-ha Moments, my life purpose became clear: If I wanted to help our future generations, so they wouldn’t suffer like so many teens do, I would first have to help empower their greatest teachers, their moms.

I’m Carolyn James-Pytel, and it is my mission to help improve my part of this beautiful world by doing by best to empower everyone with whom I come into contact. I am most focused on our unsung heroes, mothers, because not only do they deserve it because they give so much to others, but they also serve as the greatest models to our children. If you are a mom who is serious about creating positive change in your life and would like to pass those positive changes onto your beloved family, so they can in turn, pass them on to others,  then you are at the right place!

I am gathering a tribe of like-minded women who are interested in guidance and preventative support for not only themselves but also for their children, so that both will have the tools necessary to navigate successfully through the upcoming teen and pre-teen years. Join me and other beautiful souls in our journey to become the best versions of ourselves, so we can best serve the souls we brought into this world!

Peace, love & empowerment,