Life Coaching for Teens

Benefits of Life Coaching for Teens

Until Life Coaching became available for teens, parents have had only three options in regard to dealing with their teen’s out-of-control behavior: traditional talk therapy which goes on endlessly without any encouraging results, outpatient rehab, which often comes with prescribed medication, or an inpatient center or bootcamp, which is extremely costly. As a parent, I can tell you that the only real catalyst for a change in your teen’s behavior will be out of his or her own desire to change, nothing else. I’m not saying that the aforementioned strategies don’t work, they just don’t provide immediate results, which prolong the stress and dysfunction of the family, keeping everyone miserable.

Life coaching can help not only adults get through challenging times, but it can also help empower teens to no longer see themselves as victims, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones to set achievable goals. I believe that all of us have the answers as to what we need to be the best versions of ourselves and live the lives we’ve always wanted, but sometimes, we need someone to help us seek the truth within us, and the right coach can help your teen do just that.

My Approach to Life Coaching

Let’s face it: at least ninety percent of the time, the issues that out-of-control or depressed teens have  can usually be traced back to the family, which makes their “acting out” an intuitive sign that they know things aren’t right. (Please don’t take this personally. Even though I thought I was doing everything right, I also ended up unintentionally hurting my kids.) This isn’t about blame: it’s about alleviating suffering and accepting that everyone does the best that can in any given situation given their level of awareness. Personally, I believe that the teens who go against the grain have a strong inner spirit and an intense desire to be heard, but unfortunately, they loose credibility by making poor choices. It also has been my experience that teens are trapped in their negative beliefs which prevents them from feeling good about themselves and the world around them.

The good news is our teens are new to this life experience, which makes their negative thoughts much easier to change than those of adults. I help teens uncover negative limiting beliefs, so they can set goals for themselves and actually get excited while they move in a positive direction. I also empower parents with strategies as to help support not only their teen but also themselves.

Where your teen is NOW

I start my Life Coaching for teens by having new clients complete a Whole Life Assessment, a deeply personal and private, self-examination of the major areas of their life. It has been found that when just one area of your life is out-of-balance, it can significantly effect your level of happiness, so we need to start with an accurate picture of where your are now. The areas included in the Whole Life Assessment include living as your authentic self, work/life purpose, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, relationship with money, environment, mental health, and physical health. Even though teens are young, they will greatly benefit if they start living a balanced life as early as possible. (Parents also are encouraged to complete a Whole Life Assessment, so they can see if any of their own  imbalances may be affecting their teen’s situation.)

If this sounds a bit spiritual, it is, because life is spiritual. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our Divine selves are without a doubt the larger part of us. It is this belief that has allowed me to reach my own potential, overcome major obstacles, embrace life to its fullest, and at the same time, not take everything so seriously. It has also empowered me to successfully help others.

No one is perfect and all of us are works in progress, so to expect everyone to be completely in-balance is asking for the impossible. What we can do, however, is to make sure all of the fore-mentioned areas of our teens’ lives are not so out-of-balance that they hinder them in their personal growth. As your teen’s coach, it will be my first responsibility to support him/her in living a balanced life, so he/she can bring their personal best to help them achieve their goals.

Where Your Teen Would Like to Be in the Near Future

After your teen has an accurate picture of where they are in their life, I will support them in helping them to uncover what they really want out of life. This is the exciting part because they get to either fine-tune aspects of their life or they get to redesign it to meet the needs of their authentic self. I have found that normally with teens, their behavior and limiting beliefs have caused them to move away from living the life they had envisioned for themselves at a younger age.  No matter their journey, I will be here to support them in establishing their goals, mapping out a strategy to achieve those goals, side-setting any foreseen roadblocks, and holding them accountable to following through on their determined actions.

Each teen is different, but typically, once they have achieved a couple of their goals, they will then be empowered to pursue the rest of them on their own. Remember, the goal of a coach is to help an individual tap into their potential, so they are then empowered to create the life they’ve always dreamed, not to keep them as a long-term client.

Note: During this time many parents opt for Life Coaching for themselves, so they will be more empowered to make their own person changes that will also end up supporting their teen. Usually, everyone in families react to one another, and usually those reactions aren’t positive, making things worse. If there is a positive shift in the family environment and each person is held accountable for their part of the solution, the teen has a better chance making real, positive change. Rather than looking back at placing blame, the family is able to move ahead, actively rebuilding the family, so everyone’s emotional needs are met.