The Application Process

There’s no shopping cart on this site because we believe that if you are seeking real transformation – true empowerment, you’re not going to get it by purchasing individual e-books, e-workbooks, or meditations or by signing up for free challenges or mini-master classes. Think about it. How many freebies or subscriptions have you signed up for in the past that promised transformation but never delivered the permanent results you were looking for?

While the aforementioned aren’t bad, we’ve even offered our own free 21-day challenge and other inexpensive perks for visitors to our site, but the fact is those things are just a small piece or sample of what transformation looks like, and individually, they don’t work.

In short, we don’t offer a shopping cart because we don’t want to waste your time or your money because let’s face it, if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, you’ll keep signing up for this and subscribing to that – keeping you a perpetual consumer in the self-help industry.

Our success rate is high because our standards are uncompromising with specific criteria you must meet. If you meet the criteria and do the work, then get ready because you WILL NOT be the same person you were when you signed up for the program & you will start to live your life on your terms as an empowered woman! Imagine how much your life will improve …

If you make it into the program,

If you get access to our proven system,

If you are supported by other women who are going
through the same transformational process,

… then it’s by invitation only.


There are 4 steps to Our Application Process:

  1. If you have not watched the webinar (or if it’s been a while), register to watch
    3 Steps to Empowerment: How to Become the Greatest Expression of Yourself now. Then…

  2. You must book a call.

  3. Show up for the call. And by show up, we mean BE present for the call. Be open during the call. Be bold. Be real.
    If you do, the call will be incredible… even if you don’t get invited to join the program.

  4. The invitation. If you make it to this point, you’ll be one of the few because of out the many people who have watched the webinar & booked a call, only a small minority have been offered an invitation to join the program.

That’s it. If you want access to the best coaching, offering the best support, then the above 4 steps are the ONLY way in.

So, are you ready to:

  • Start living by positive thoughts & elevated emotions throughout the day, regardless of what is going on in your environment?

  • Over-come fears & past limiting beliefs, so you never again shy away from taking action?

  • Stop allowing others or situations to control how you feel?

  • Start taking responsibility for everything in your life, no longer being a victim to your life circumstances?

  • Create any desired outcome with courage, confidence, & conviction, allowing you to step into any future you desire?

Yes? Then follow the steps above.

Unlimited Possibilities
New Potentials
Not Easy. Not guaranteed.
Highly Possible if You Make the Cut
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