The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Women

You may be in the right place if you suffer from any of the following:

  • You are stuck in a never-ending cycle of negative, thinking, & feeling, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t break out of?

  • Are your fears, limiting beliefs, or negative perceptions preventing you from moving forward in your life or taking action toward positive change?

  • Are other people affecting the way you feel, making you feel victimized or emotionally drained?

  • Are you starting to feel worn out by tending to everyone else’s needs, while frequently disregarding your own?

  • Deep down you know that something isn’t right, but either you can’t pinpoint it or you are afraid to acknowledge it?


You are in the right place if you can recognize any of the following behaviors in yourself:

  • Complaining

  • Blaming

  • Ruminating: Talking or thinking about past events or people who hurt you

  • Making excuses for not taking action

  • Trying to control others and/or situations

Why do these behaviors matter?

If you are engaging in any of these 5 behaviors then you are leaving yourself powerless,  which makes you less effective in empowering your own children. You can do everything and anything for your children, but if you are not empowered yourself, you are setting them up to struggle when challenging situations arise. As moms, we need to be the best we can to help empower our children, regardless of their ages, and these behaviors leave us powerless, making us less effective as role models.

Why are these behaviors so difficult to break out of?

We have repeated these behaviors so often that they have become unconscious reactions or habits that have been memorized into the recesses of our brain. So, if we are serious about eliminating these power-sucking behaviors from our life, we literally need to reprogram the neural connections in our brain & become a new empowered version of ourselves. We do this by replacing our old limiting beliefs with more powerful ones, breaking free from the negative emotions which have kept us anchored to our past, uncovering our fears & learn how to lean into them, & accepting the scientific fact that ALL change is possible.

The good news is that although this type of transformation is not easy, it’s not impossible! In fact, many of my coaching clients have become more empowered using the same principles & meditations that I teach in this program.

After being in the coaching industry since 2011, I realized that the one thing my clients all had in common was that their suffering stemmed from the fact that somewhere along they way, they had given their power away. Once my clients regained their power, their symptoms, which had manifested in a variety of ways, went away & stayed away! That realization inspired me to put everything I had used to not only empower myself but also my clients into one signature program, The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Women.

The Outcomes of My Program:

  • You will discover exactly how & where you are losing your power

  • You will take responsibility for your needs & make sure they get met

  • You will move from being a victim to thinking, acting, & feeling in more powerful ways

  • You will learn proven meditation techniques to expedite reprograming of your brain

  • You will identify your greatest fear & lean into it

  • You will uncover & replace limiting beliefs that have been holding you back

  • You will learn to let go of situations you cannot control

  • You will replace feelings of anger, blame, & resentment with acceptance, love, & forgiveness

  • You will learn how to be more in control of your negative emotions by shortening their refractory periods

  • You will learn how to take action, no longer making excuses

  • You will feel happier, more joyful, more creative, & more peaceful

  • You will be a model of strength, helping empower those closest to you, especially your children, regardless of their ages

Once you’ve achieved the program outcomes,
you will have learned the 5-Skills of Empowerment, making this,
THE LAST Program You’ll Ever Need!


Give Yourself Permission to Imagine …

  1. Living by positive thoughts & elevated positive emotions throughout the day, regardless of what is going on in your environment

  2. Over-coming fears & past limiting beliefs so you never again shy away from taking action

  3. No longer allowing others or situations to control how you feel, having strong emotional intelligence, meaning you might react, but you won’t react for a long period of time

  4. Taking responsibility for everything in your life, no longer being a victim to your life circumstances

  5. Being able to create any desired outcome with courage, confidence, & conviction, allowing you to step into any future you desire

4-Components that Make this Program
Effective & Gets You Results:

1:  Provides you with the course content material in the form of a weekly webinar that you can go through at your own pace & watch as many times as you need in the privacy of your own home

2:  Includes weekly written Reflection Work, holding you accountable to reflect on & apply the principles taught in the modules to your unique life situation

3: Provides you with weekly meditations, customized for the course to help your brain waves become more coherent, making you more effective in accessing your subconscious mind in order to reprogram your brain & make new neural connections

4: Provides a weekly Group Coaching Call every Thursday (11 am or 7 pm)  that is actually MORE powerful than a one-to-one coaching session for the following reasons:

  • It provides a nurturing environment by surrounding you with other women who are going through the same process of change, encountering the same obstacles, and as a result, making each other feel more supported and comfortable in being vulnerable & revealing her own truth.

  • It expedites your transformation by lowering your resistance to exposing your truth in a supported group versus in a protected one-to-one session, where more barriers exist. People open up faster when they see others opening up & becoming vulnerable, laying the foundation for a quicker transformation.

  • You benefit from listening to the questions asked by others that you didn’t think about asking, allowing you to get transformation just by listening & relating to something that otherwise may have not been brought up in a one-to-one session.

  • It creates higher standards by surrounding you with determined women who genuinely want each other to succeed by cheering on & holding each other accountable.

  • It is highly motivating to hear about the success of others who may be just a few weeks ahead of you in the course, giving you the realization that if they can do it, so can YOU!

  • You physically benefit from being exposed to the energy of the other people in the group, elevating your energy, making you MORE powerful in your endeavor to transform into a truly empowered woman!

This intensive program isn’t for everyone…
in order to participate, you must meet certain criteria:

You have to be ready to change

You have to be committed to change

You have to have the right motivation to change

Also, we won’t let you into the program
unless we are 100% confident that
we can help you get the EXACT results you’re looking for.


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