Women for Empowerment Referral Program

How would you like to earn $100 for every woman that you refer
& signs up for The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Women?
That’s right: $100 for each referral!

It’s a fact that advertising is costly, but instead of giving money to Google or Facebook, we’d prefer to give it to people who are interested in making extra money while helping more women to step into their true Empowerment, so they can become the best versions of themselves, helping make this wonderful world an even better place! It’s a WIN WIN: You help us spread the word about our Empowerment Program, and we help empower your bank account!

There’s no catch & there’s no limit to the number of paid referrals you can have. All you have to do is submit your information, so we can compensate you after your referral has signed up & gone through one week of the program, which is the cancellation period. When anyone signs up for The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Women, we will specifically ask them if they were referred by someone, and if so, by whom. It is also your responsibility to make sure that each one of your referrals has your full name. We want to make sure you get paid, so you’ll be more likely to refer more people.

Don’t worry about having to “sell” anyone on our program because either they are truly ready to step into their power or they’re not. All you have to do is to direct them to the webinar,  3-Steps to Empowerment: How to Become the Greatest Expression of Yourself, and we’ll do the rest.

Once a perspective client has watched the webinar, and if the material resonated with her, she will be encouraged to book a free coaching call to help her get clear on where she stands in regard to her own empowerment. During the coaching call, Carolyn will also determine whether or not if the woman, whom she is coaching is a good fit for the program as she is intent on filling it with only people who she knows she can help. Either way this complimentary coaching session will provide each person with valuable information, never making them feel like they are someone who merely represents a potential sale. This means you won’t have to worry about any backlash from anyone you  send to us: actually, they will be grateful for what they will have learned through the webinar!

To get a better understanding of the program to help you decide if it’s something you feel comfortable & excited about promoting, Click HERE and make sure to watch the webinar at the bottom of that page. If after reading about the program & viewing the webinar, you decide that participating in our Empowerment Referral Program is something you really want to do, then return to this page to the next section to get started.

I Want to Participate in the
Women for Empowerment Referral Program

You read about The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Women & you’ve watched the webinar, 3 Steps to Empowerment: How to Become the Greatest Expression of Yourself, and you want to join our referral team …. Awesome! Just fill out the form below & we’ll send you a link for the Women for Empowerment Toolbox, so you can get started right away earning that extra cash!